Archos Helmet Camcorder (500876)

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High Resolution Mini-Cam with built-in remote and microphone. Capture video: turn your ARCHOS product into a camcorder. Perfect for extreme sports and professonal applications.

The Archos 500876 Helmet Camcorder allows you to turn your Archos 404, 504, or 604 portable digital media player into a portable digital camcorder as well. This sleek little unit is so small and lightweight that it can go virtually anywhere, even mounting to a helmet so that it records whatever you happen to be viewing, making it perfect for extreme sports and professional applications. The Archos helmet camcorder plugs directly in to, and draws its power from your compatible Archos media player. This unit has a light sensitivity of one lux, with an f1.2 and a fixed, pinhole lens that is 3.6-m

  • Small and lightweight
  • Has a light sensitivity of 1 lux, with an f1.2 and a fixed
  • Uses a 0.25-inch Sony Super HAD color LCD CCD sensor to provide 420 TV lines of resolution, with a field of depth of 5 to 33 feet
  • Features automatic focus and white balance
  • Records in MPEG-4 format up to VGA (640 x 480 pixels) resolution

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Archos Helmet Camcorder (500876)

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Archos Helmet Camcorder (500876)