STEALTH Handheld Night Vision IR Camera & Recorder NEW

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The NiteEye ultra-compact video camera system is designed to provide quality video, day or night, without being noticed. Perfect for people who want to find answers to questions like, “Who ate the cookies?” or “Who keeps spray painting my wall?” The NiteEye’s compact size, indoor or outdoor use coupled with its ability to film full color video in the daytime or IR video at night makes this pocket-sized video camera the solution to your evidentiary problems.      Laser Aiming Equipped with an integrated red beam laser, you can position the camera to video a predetermined area with precisi

  • IR Night Vision – Designed to be used in any lighting condition, the NiteEye uses infrared lighting to make nighttime look like daytime. Equipped with 6 integrated infrared LED lights, the camera can film video, even if the area being videoed is in utter darkness. Infrared light cannot be seen by the human eye without the aid of night vision optics, so no one will ever know the camera is there.
  • Compact Design – The NiteEye was meant to go unnoticed and nothing does that better than making sure it is as small as possible but still provides you with the very best in portable video quality. Measuring just 4inches by 2 inches and only a 1/2 inch thick, the NiteEye can easily be cached for surreptitious videotaping.
  • Video Quality – Not all video cameras are created equal, that’s why the NiteEye’s optics capture video at 300k and can be viewed at 320×240 pixels at 32 bit resolution. A 60 degree wide angle lens provides a great view of the entire area. What this all means is you get great coverage because of the lens and crisp and clear video playback.
  • Full Color Video – When used in natural lighting conditions, the NiteEye provides full color video. When used at night with Infrared Light, all video will be recorded in crisp and clear black and white.
  • Plug & Play with Mac or PC – A USB cable is included with the camera. Simply connect the camera to your computer and you can upload the video files directly to your computer’s hard drive. We recommend you first upload video files to your computer for playback as the camera is not designed to stream video via the USB cable connection.

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STEALTH Handheld Night Vision IR Camera & Recorder NEW

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STEALTH Handheld Night Vision IR Camera & Recorder NEW